Meet The Team

Rachel Bailey (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Kerry Carr (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Peter Knights (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Dina Parla (Trust Safeguarding Lead)

Emma Barton (SENCO)

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Bailey Head of Academy
Mr Knights Assistant Head
Mrs Barton SENCO
Miss Gould Senior Leader and Maths Lead


C. Faulkner
H. Butler
C. Bovington
L. Potter
B. Friend
K. Millar

Year 1

K. Wallis
E. Cook
P. Knights
R. McIntyre
A. Clare
K. Mowbray
J. Butler

Year 2

R. Evans
S. Duffy
R. Hughman
S. Frost
A. Potter
S. Stones

Year 3

S. Robinson
J. Russell
D. Baker
Y. Prew
D. McIntrye
G. Smith
L. Fioire
J. Coulam

Year 4

P. Clegg
J. Jacques
C. Millar
J. Chester
L. Knight

Year 5

A. Boyall
H. Loughran
C. Pitwell
R. Russell
J. Welbourn
D. Douglass
M. Coleman

Year 6

C. Gould
E. Fowler
S. Keeble
J. Wilkins
C. Pickwell
J. Cartwright
K. Overton
K. Mitchell

Cover Supervisors & Additional Support Staff

C. Quinn (cover supervisor)
A. Leak (cover supervisor)
E. McCulloch (cover supervisor)
C. Flatters (additional teacher)